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PASM 2021

PASM 2021 was an interesting year. In the face of the ongoing COVID global pandemic, the 2021 Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Meeting was hosted virtually via video conferencing, alongside the annual Burns Update in Singapore. This combined event brought together leading international plastic surgeons, burns experts and key allied health practitioners, with a special focus on aesthetic breast surgery and breast rejuvenation surgery.

The decision to merge the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Meeting with the Burns Update proved to be strategic, allowing for a comprehensive discussion of various aspects of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Despite the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic, the virtual platform facilitated an inclusive and accessible exchange of knowledge, transcending geographical barriers and enabling participation from a diverse international audience.

The theme of aesthetic breast surgery served as a focal point, highlighting the evolving techniques, advancements in technology, and emerging trends in this field. Sessions ranged from discussions on breast augmentation and breast rejuvenation to complications after less invasive techniques such as foreign material breast injections and the role of adipocyte derived stem cells in fat grafting.

Notable presentations from our international speakers included:

Dr Per Hedén (Karolinska University, Akademikliniken)

  • Introduction of the BAP (breast implant planner APP) and how to perform surgery in an optimal way

  • How to maintain the upper pole fullness in mastopexies and breast reductions. Introduction of the new iPLANT Technique

Dr. Visnu Lohsiriwat (Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute)

  • Quadruple plane technique for aesthetic breast augmentation

  • Foreign material breast injection (FoMBI): Its nature, management and patient’s outcome assessment

The integration of the annual Burns Update in PASM 2021 provided a unique opportunity to address the complex challenges faced by paediatric burn patients as well as rehabilitation and the importance of nursing and diet in burns care. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between plastic surgeons, burn specialists, and allied healthcare professionals, the conference underscored the holistic approach required for comprehensive burn care.

Despite the virtual format, interactive panel discussions and virtual networking sessions facilitated meaningful engagement and knowledge exchange among participants. In conclusion, the 2021 Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Meeting in Singapore exemplified resilience, adaptability, and innovation in the face of adversity. By harnessing the power of technology and collective expertise, PASM 2021 not only advanced the field of plastic surgery but also reinforced the commitment to excellence in patient care amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

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